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Oasis Children and Community Foundation (OCCF) is a not-for-profit charity that provides complementary therapeutic massage to children living with disability and chronic illness.


Through the support of paediatric Myotherapy massage, relief is provided to those experiencing painful or uncomfortable physical symptoms stemming from their ailments. This unique combination of massage imparts to individuals an abundance of psychological, emotional, mental and physiological benefits. This is inclusive of increased body movement, regulation of high blood pressure and the reduction of high cortisol levels. There is also evidence that supports massage therapy relieving anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia, amongst other debilitating ailments. 

The team of therapists onboard at OCCF aim to assist and encourage children to excel at their greatest potential and to conquer goals at their best quality of life.


Opportunity abounds for individuals living with special needs and it is our mission at OCCF to support all and any of our client’s future endeavours.

Eleni Seitis
Founder of Oasis Children and Community Foundation
Phone: +61 438 545 045
Address: 6/10 Wight Street, 4064 Milton