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Working With The Blind And Disabled Children In Thailand

Help OCCF take a team of Therapists to Bangkok, Thailand, to work with the Christian Foundation for the Blind to help over 4000 blind and children with disabilities.

In September 2015 we created an alliance with the Christian Foundation for the Blind (or the CFBT) in Bangkok, Thailand. The CFBT operates nine schools that supports more than 4000 blind children and young adults with education, accommodation, life skills and job placement assistance.

Most of the children at the CFBT schools suffers from more than just blindness. Many have Cerebral Palsy or other undiagnosed physical deformities and are confined to wheelchairs (if funding has approved them) or led by teachers. In their home environment they would be placed in one spot in the morning, and that is where they would stay all day.

There are children with genetic or intellectual impairments, such as Downs Syndrome or severe Autism, and there is very little communication with these children, who have been left in the schools by their families who view their impairments as a curse and are very superstitious about the bad karma that these children will invoke on them and their villages. 80% of the children are unable to speak so they respond to the teachers using Sign Language (using their hands. CFBT schools have many programs to assist the children and Oasis Children and Community Foundation will work closely with them in the schools and communities to support these arrangements.




Eleni Seitis, the Founder of OCCF along with Eaw Petchngam, one of our local therapists in Thailand, met in September 2015 with the founder and the head teachers of Ban Dek Ramindra, the principal school of the CFBT, as well as with a social worker and medical doctor to discuss implementing change within the school environment to improve communication between the teachers and students.

While the teachers were very competent in their skillset and carried out their roles dutifully, the relationship the teachers seemed to have with the students lacked a sense of soul and nurture. Eaw and Eleni worked with the teachers on developing more of a connection with the students, demonstrating aspects of Complimentary Therapies and providing suggestions of maintaining this work with the children on an ongoing basis.



In March 2018 we will return to Bangkok, and take with us a large team of therapists to work with the CFBT. We will be reinforcing the work we started with the teachers of the principal school, Ban Dek Ramindra, with further Complimentary Therapy training, and then extend our work by placing two therapists in each of the other eight CFBT schools, to treat the children and train their teachers for at least two weeks, and with more donations we can extend our work for up to a month or even longer. We need to raise $21000 to send 10 therapists for 3 weeks to Thailand to help the children of the CFBT… If you want to help or donate please click here. 

Our mission in Thailand is to empower these children, through our Natural Healing practices, help them discover their greatest potential and live it joyfully. While we are unable to cure their blindness, we can assist them with their mobility, their flexibility and their ability to communicate, improve their overall well-being in a holistic manner, and bestow upon them the gift of a greater awareness.

With this awareness of who they are and the greater world in which they exist, we will be giving these precious children the power to invoke change. As a generation, it is our belief, the children of this Earth, even those who were born into a seemingly hopeless circumstance may be able to work collectively to break the cycles of sickness and poverty and change the World as we know it.