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The Oasis Children and Community Foundation is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance the Health and Well being of sick and disabled children in Australia and globally by:

  • Providing complementary massage therapy to relieve the discomfort of disabilities and chronic illnesses in children with disabilities, where no local therapist is trained to offer such treatment.


  • Providing first aid treatments, as required, to children with disabilities, who receive our massage therapy, where no local community service is available to offer such treatment.


“Is there a child who does not dream of being counted, and having his or her gifts and talents recognised? No. All children have hopes and dreams – including children with disabilities. And all children deserve a fair chance to make their dreams real.”

From the Foreword of the report of The State of The World’s Children 2013

Children do not ask for a disability, or a long-term illness. The circumstances are often completely out of their control, especially if they are born with a disability, a medical defect, or contract an illness that has long-term effects. Yet, they do have to live with the consequences of their ailment. Sometimes, these conditions are life-threatening for the children. For many, it requires changes, adaptations and a different perspective to those around them who live without a disability or chronic illness.

The families of these children often do not have the funds available to give the children the necessary medical, rehabilitative or physiotherapy help they require. They lack the knowledge and education about these ailments and what can assist the children to have a better lifestyle. And sometimes, all the parents and children want is understanding and hope.

What else do parents want for themselves or their children that they currently do not receive and that we can assist them with?

The team of therapists and volunteers at OCCF can help with all this and more. Qualified therapists are trained specially by Eleni Seitis to perform a specific blend of Bowen Therapy, Massage and Intuitive Healing, known as ES Healing (Energy Systems Healing).

Did you know?

93 Million Children aged 0 - 14 years have a disabilty
1 in 14 Australian Children aged 0-14 years have some form of disabilty