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Severely vision-impaired since birth, Eleni Seitis, has always known that she could make people feel better through the power of her hands. As a young child, she would hug people and touch them to make them happy. This was the arena that Eleni would star in to create joy and happiness through her ability to heal with her hands.

A friend introduced her to Bowen Therapy in 2004, expressing that she only needed her hands and her brain to perform this work; she didn’t need her physical vision. Thus began 10years of training in Bowen Therapy, infant and remedial massage, musculoskeletal therapy, trigger point therapy, nerve activation therapy and other bodywork modalities.

In 2008, Eleni received an inspirational download from the Universe, outlining an empirical organisation. The organisation would have therapists from all areas of the globe, working seamlessly together healing children of their ailments, diseases and disabilities, using the many and varied forms of natural complementary therapies.

In September 2014, the Oasis Natural Health Centres Foundation was set up as a non-Government accredited, non-profit Private Organisation. Healing work was performed in Bali, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh and India, on over 300 children. The training of these therapy techniques that was given to parents and teachers of these children, continues with the children in their communities.

In August 2017, the next phase of the Oasis Foundation was incorporated as a Public Not for profit Company. This allows the foundation to receive grants, funding and sponsorships which means a greater scope of work can be performed simultaneously in many countries at a time.