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OUR MISSION Oasis Children and Community Foundation Limited is a not-for-profit charity that provides complementary therapeutic massage to children with disabilities and chronic illness throughout Australia, and empowers the children’s carers, by way of knowledge and skills obtained through the massage performed on their children.

Imagine a young child sitting on the dusty porch of their family home. Their legs are crumpled underneath them, worn and calloused patches on their over-grown ankles and knees.

Their whole life has been scooting around on their backside since the muscles in their legs are under- developed due to lack of use. The joints have long seized up and fused, with inactivity. The child has grown impervious to the pain that was once a constant reminder of their palsy. They use their arms to move themselves about. The fingers of each hand distorted inwards due to continual contractions, cause calluses on the knuckles. The sores on the knobbled hands are evidence of the extent of hard work it is to move about.

Now, picture this same child in a classroom, dressed smartly in a clean school uniform. They are sitting in a chair, legs dangling beneath them. The calluses on their ankles and knees still exist as reminders of forgotten hardships. They can walk awkwardly with a jerky rocking gait while using a walking frame to keep them balanced. Their gnarled fingers grip a pencil tightly as they write words they have learnt during class. Raising their hands on fully extended arms to answer questions posed by their teachers is normal now. They fully participate in class, learning new skills every day. Their future education looks promising, as does the possibility of having a job. So many opportunities await as they continue to discover their potentiality.

Our Vision For all children to be given the opportunity of great health options regardless of country or disability.

We empower children with disabilities and long-term illnesses, to discover their greatest potential and live it joyfully.

We do this through natural therapy healing modalities. These techniques assist them with mobility, flexibility and holistic health options that gift them with a greater awareness of their bodies and the conditions they have. We give them, through this gift of awareness, the power to invoke change.