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OCCF is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance Education and Relieve Poverty in Australia and globally by:

  • Assisting children with disabilities, who have received our massage therapy, to access existing local services that provide community programs for healthy eating and healthy active lifestyle choices for parents and families of the children, if such services exist.


In many countries, children with disabilities are inadequately cared for due to limited resources and a lack of education about their conditions and proper care. In many communities, a child with a disability is often seen as having “bad Karma” and it is a stigma for their families, therefore these families are ostracised as a result. We aim to give these children an opportunity to learn, develop and thrive through health programs designed to improve their wellbeing.

Parents, carers, and school teachers, and even the children themselves, are taught the basic skills of natural therapies, to continue performing the techniques on the children in their community in their own time. We offer education in:
– Massage Therapy
– Nutrition
– Active and healthy lifestyle
– First Aid
– And basic bussiness skills…

Did you know?

Children with a disability are less likely to attend school and have lower rates of staying in schools
80% of people with disabilities live in developing countries
Only 36% of adults with a disability in Australia have completed Year 12